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Whether you choose digital online or traditional offline advertising, we can grant you direct access to every media format and purchase it on your behalf.

Rest assured, our media evaluation work is totally independent and encompasses the entire market, including all media channels. Our media recommendations and strategies will be totally focused on achieving the campaign objectives.

Being independent allows us to run our agency in a way that’s best for our clients. We staff our agency with highly skilled individuals so our clients have direct access to highly experienced account directors who always deliver the ultimate service and campaign performance. We keep our overheads low which brings a direct saving to all of our clients. Our team of handpicked experts are eager to construct an advertising campaign perfect for your business. 

Media Performance was established as an agency that works solely in the best interest of its clients. We understand that every company is unique and requires a bespoke media campaign. So we built an agency based on these values, and we still continue to make Media Perform for our clients by allocating the advertising budget as if it was our own money.

Below are just some of the benefits of choosing Media Performance as your advertising agency:

Money Saving


Although it may seem that hiring an advertising agency will be more expensive, at Media Performance we guarantee that we can save you money on your advertising expenditure. 

We have bespoke deals with all the media owners including TV, Radio, Press, Printers, Outdoor and Digital. This means that we can achieve significant discounts, over and above the discount that you achieve by placing your advertising yourself.

We also take the time to understand your business goals and objectives and build your company a bespoke advertising campaign. By doing this we will significantly increase efficiencies, ensuring we are only reaching your target audience and this will massively reduce wasted spend.

Time Saving

Using Media Performance can save you and your business valuable time. Utilising our advertising agency will mean your staff wont need to spend their time planning and implementing time consuming advertising campaigns. This is especially important if you business doesn’t have dedicated advertising staff because we will free your staffs time and allow them to do what they are trained to do. 

If your company does have dedicated advertising staff, it is important to understand the severe time constraints in contacting, planning, negotiating and finalising deals with the media owners. Our agency manages the whole process and is the only contact you need to access every media channel in the UK.  We have spent years vetting and negotiating with all of the media owners to guarantee best choice and best value. By eliminating this time consuming process we ultimately free your staffs time, allowing them to focus solely on the marketing objectives of your business.

Furthermore, when independently planning an integrated multichannel advertising campaign, your company will receive a multitude of invoices from each media supplier, which can get extremely complex when your media spend increases. At Media Performance we simplify the whole process by sending one detailed invoice at the end of the month that encompasses all of your media spend. This is also a much easier way to keep track of your advertising expenditure.


At Media Performance our staff have a diverse range of skills and experience. This gives us access to a wide range of expertise and specialist knowledge which we can pass straight on to you. Our expertise can benefit your company whether you are a marketing novice, or an experienced marketing director with your own team of marketing experts.

We are in constant communication with all the new and existing media channels in the UK in order to ensure that we are fully aware of all emerging opportunities.

We receive daily updates and host regular meetings with the media owners, where we discuss all of the new advertising innovations, this ensures that we keep your brand ahead of the trend.

We also have direct access to the most recent media research and analysis, which we use to plan your campaigns based on hard facts, ensuring maximum advertising performance.

Our in-depth knowledge of UK media means our agency is guaranteed to benefit your business.

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Brand Development

Even for an experienced company, developing a brand can be an extremely complex undertaking. We can help develop logos, musical jingles and much more in order for your brand to be recognized and remembered.

We can design bespoke ads for each media platform, which will ensure the most effective advertising in each marketplace. Our industry experience means we know how, when and where to target your adverts in order to create significant brand awareness and brand recall. 

We are happy to provide a free, no obligation detailed strategy based on your objectives. Contact us today to see how Media Performance can truly achieve your marketing goals