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As the UK “passes through the peak” of the Coronavirus outbreak, we’re seeing TV viewing stabilise at a new high after several weeks of incredible growth.


Across the lockdown period, we’ve seen total TV viewing increase by a massive 22% for all individuals versus the same period in 2019 – a huge increase that is helping make TV fantastic value for advertisers. 


Channel 4’s on-demand, catch-up platform, called All 4, now has 22 million registered users. April saw on-demand viewing with All 4 up 69% year on year.  


If reaching a busy socialite who tends to catch up on their favourite programmes on-demand, All 4 could be perfect for you.  


Advertising on All 4 opens up a range of targeting opportunities, it allows us to target geographically, whilst overlaying advanced audience targeting.  


Advertising on demand allows us to target based on researched viewing habits, this means if a viewer continuously watches fashion/reality related programmes we can segment them as fashionistas.


When we come to plan and target your campaign, we will advertise around relevant content that will strike a relationship with the audience.  


Advertising on demand can be a great way to introduce your business to TV advertising. We believe clients who see the benefits and return on ROI of on-demand advertising go on to advertise on liner TV.  


Here at Media Performance, we help streamline the whole process from planning, helping with ad creation and production to finally being live on TV.


Whether you are new to TV or would like expert help to maximise the return of your campaign, we have experience in all sectors and extremely good relationships with Channel 4. Which allows us to get the best bespoke campaigns.  

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How We Plan All 4 Media Campaigns

Media Performance use the most accurate data to plan and buy your All 4 advertising campaign. We can select specific audiences and regions to ensure you are reaching the right audience at the right time.

When planning our All 4 campaigns we take into account your brand's values, audience and needs, with all this information we can provide a tailored approach to All 4 advertising that will deliver your desired results. 

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