Channel 5 Advertising

Channel 5 reaches 44 million people every month being the UK’s third-largest commercial channel.


Consumers invest in the emotive storytelling Channel 5 portrays, including some of the hit programmes Yorkshire Vet and GPs Behind Closed Doors.


If you want to run an advertising campaign on the media channel that delivers a high ROI, then Channel 5 could be right for you.


We can target your TV selecting the right channel, at the right time that your audience will be watching.


Channel 5 reaches a verity of different audiences, but their core audience is females with and without children.


If you are a brand looking target a female audience this could be the media channel for you, although if you are looking to target a varied audience Channel 5 will still deliver desired results.


Allowing Media Performance to understand your audience and budget will help us define the best Channel 5 advertising campaign for you.


We can take TV advertising step by step helping you navigate through the complicated planning process and identifying our best chance at reaching your desired goal.


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How We Plan Channel 5 Media Campaigns

Media Performance use the most accurate data to plan and buy your Channel 5 advertising campaign. We can select specific audiences and regions to ensure you are reaching the right audience at the right time.

When planning our Channel 5 campaigns we take into account your brand's values, audience and needs, with all this information we can provide a tailored approach to Channel 5 advertising that will deliver your desired results. 

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