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When used intelligently and efficiently, it’s clear that digital billboard adverts can be beneficial to promote your brand, beginning to enhance its popularity amongst your targeted demographics.

Digital billboards are state-of-the-art digital poster sites, from 48 to 96 sheets. Digital billboards enable advertisers to show pixel-sharp images to massive audiences and to deliver different messages at different times of the day or week.

You can change the artwork in real-time depending on factors such as time and weather to increase consumer recognition and engagement.

You can choose to advertise at the times and days which work best in reaching out to your target audience (morning commuters, weekend shoppers etc.)

Digital screens are proven to be more eye-catching than classic posters.

OOH advertising and particularly billboards are exceptionally effective in the digital age, as they provide a simple and less intrusive contrast to online channels.


They are also a progressively central aspect of any unified marketing campaign, as they build brand awareness and help to drive consumers buying decisions.


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How We Plan And Buy Digital Billboard Campaigns

We will work closely with you to construct a billboard advertising campaign that will best achieve your brief’s objectives, achieving maximum ROI.

Our expertise and commitment to the billboard advertising space has secured us preferential rates and insider knowledge. Our devoted relationship with not only the media suppliers, but the printers too, allows us to provide our clients with the most cost-effective billboard campaign possible.

Our commitment to outdoor media keeps us in the loop with all of the media owners, which grants us direct access to all new advertising opportunities that arise, giving you the chance to keep your brand fresh and innovative.

Attempting to take on the billboard advertising market can be extremely time-consuming. At Media Performance, we streamline the whole process - utilising our specialist planning tools we ensure you are supplied with an effective and strategic advertising campaign that is designed and tailored to your objectives, on time and on budget.

We are happy to provide a free, no-obligation detailed strategy based on your objectives.

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