Influencer Advertising

At Media Performance we understand how to find the right influencers with the ability to bring your brand’s story to life. Through authentic recommendations, storytelling and influencer-generated content, you will reach relevant and engaged audiences


Our in-house influencer specialists are highly experienced and knowledgeable experts. They will make the process simple, helping you plan, implement and execute a seamless campaign. Through real engagement with storytelling at its heart, our aim is to not only reach, but exceed your company’s campaign objectives. 


Media Performance work with a wide range of micro, mid-tier and macro-influencers across multiple sectors. We have the ability to tap into subcultures & niche categories to ensure the best possible influencer match for your brand. 

All our influencers are fully vetted to ensure we provide you with the top-performing influencers on the market.   



All content comes with perpetual digital licensing rights. Influencer Performance can help you re-think and optimise these assets through paid-social advertising.

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Our influencer services include: 


  1. Influencer Research  

  2. Talent Relations  

  3. Content Management 

  4. Paid Social 

  5. Contracting  

  6. Full Digital Licensing Rights  

  7. Content Guidance  

  8. Event Management  

  9. Quality Assurance 

  10. Reporting & Analytics  

Start Your Influencer Advertising Campaign:

How We Plan And Run Influencer Campaigns

We work closely with you to construct a campaign that will best achieve your brief’s objectives, achieving maximum ROI. Our dedicated specialists offer a fully managed service. We do all the heavy lifting before, during and after your campaign to ensure a stress free and seamless process.

1. Research and management  


Media Performance will help you create a clear brief outlining campaign objectives, guidelines and deliverables.  


Based on your objectives and targets, we will then research any potential influencers that are best aligned to the brief that. We want you to work with influencers that show a true passion for your brand and resonate with your target audience. 

2. Campaign Briefing and Influencer Management  


When all influencers have been approved, we will then complete the recruitment process. This includes providing influencers with a detailed brief and everything that they need in order to create great content that adheres to your brand guidelines.


With storytelling at its heart, we allow influencers to be their own creative directors to produce authentic collaborations. This will result in high engagement rates and quality content. 


It’s not advertising – it’s storytelling! 


3. Go LIVE! 


Once content is reviewed and approved by Media Performance and yourself, then the campaign is ready to go live! This is when you’ll start to see all your exciting content live on social media platforms.


4. Content, Monitoring & Reporting  


Media Performance will provide you with a full campaign report, showing key metrics such as impressions, clicks and engagement rates! 


5. Licensing


All content comes with perpetual digital licensing rights, enabling you to repurpose the assets. Media Performance can help you re-think and optimise these assets through paid-social, outdoor, digital and print advertising.    


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