ITV Hub Advertising

ITV Hub reaches 6.4 million people every week. 


If you want to run an advertising campaign on the media channel that delivered the highest ROI, then ITV Hub could be right for you.


As most will know ITV Hub is an on-demand service provided by ITV which allows us to catch up on all our favourite programmes.


ITV Hub audiences are highly engaged with the programmes, there is a high degree of trust in advertising on ITV Hub as users are more likely to say the ads are relevant and higher quality.


Using a service VOD service like ITV Hub can increase relevancy for the brand and allows the advertiser to really get behind a certain programme which resonates with the audience.


ITV Hub reaches a more up-market audience, therefore reaching those customers who have more money to spend on your brand.


We can target your audience selecting the right channel, at the right time that your audience will be watching.


ITV Hub reaches a variety of audiences, but using this platform is a great way of reaching those who have busy lives and may not catch programmes live.


Allowing Media Performance to understand your audience and budget will help us define the best ITV Hub advertising campaign for you.


We can take TV advertising step by step helping you navigate through the complicated planning process and identifying our best chance at reaching your desired goal.


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How We Plan ITV Hub Media Campaigns

Media Performance use the most accurate data to plan and buy your ITV Hub advertising campaign. We can select specific audiences and regions to ensure you are reaching the right audience at the right time.

When planning our ITV Hub campaigns we take into account your brands values, audience and needs, with all this information we can provide a tailored approach to ITV Hub advertising that will deliver your desired results. 

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