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Media Agency FAQ's

What Is A Media Agency? 


Moving forward from our blog post about what is a media agency we’ve built a page dedicated to the Media Agency FAQ’s. 


What benefits does a media agency offer my business? 


A media agency explores your business with a brand new perspective, a fresh pair of eyes if you were, looking at what separates you from your competitors in the eyes of the consumer. They can apply a fresh approach to your business, be it introducing you to new advertising formats or by taking steps back to see what is needed to change your brands perspective to an ever changing audience. They are constantly in-trend, working very close with media owners and specialist suppliers, so not only does this ensure market leading rates but it also sees that they are forever  ‘in the know’ as to whats going on on a daily basis across the entire scope of media and advertising channels. 


Our media agency has specialist teams that focus on particular advertising channels, be it Digital, OOH (out-of-home), TV, Press and Radio - this ensures that once the general planning team has come to an ultimatum as to what the most suited options are for you, they will then brief in other experts within the agency, that can provide years of experience and market leading knowledge as how to best implement your campaign across such channels. 


Media Agencies can save your business money, time and provide an independent view as to what will work best for you - an agency isn’t in-tied to sell solely radio for example (where as a radio advertising sales rep would) they would instead come back with only the most suited channels for your business - ultimately bringing the strongest return across the board. 


Whats the general process if I use a media agency? 


From enquiring on our website or calling our London and Northern offices we tend to ask you many underlying questions that we will need to develop a strong understanding of your business and more importantly, your goals be it short-term or long-term - we are still eager to build an ongoing relationship with all our clients in where we consistently deliver results for years to come. 


From building a brief in to what you are wanting to achieve, we consult specialist team members depended on what advertising channels we’ll use. From there these people will approach there close representative who own the media in which we are planning to buy and both will come back with the best suited strategy for your business. 


We then propose all of our ideas in a presentation, walking you trough everything outlined be it over the phone, through video conference calling or by even meeting you in person.  All advertising channels outlined will include all the facts, figures and exact costings in that you will need to fully understand what is needed from your business and more importantly, what return such will bring. 


From agreeing on chosen advertising formats, we then go off and proceed to buy these in for you, we then report on how our activity is performing on a weekly basis and we present a post campaign analysis to see the results in which were generated from our campaign 


What separates a media agency from an advertising agency? 


We’ve actually previously answered this question in our blog post - what is a media agency in where we outline some differences between a specialist media agency and a traditional advertising agency.