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Press is one of the UK's most established media channels and is still a highly effective marketing tool. 

Media Performance is one of the largest purchasers of regional newspaper adverts in the UK. Our knowledge of the press environment is second to none. Our in-house industry experts hold over 40 years of combined experience within the publishing industry. Our team is fully equipped to achieve the best possible positions for the lowest possible price.

Print media is still read by millions each day, either at home or on the move. However, a larger number of readers are accessing the news via connected devices e.g. mobiles & tablets. This brings new and exciting opportunities for advertisers, giving us a larger scope to enhance the traditional print ad campaign. Media Performance is fully equipped to guide you through the ever-changing media environment whilst still managing to achieve unbeatable rates.

Our in-house industry experts are eager to find your perfect mix of print and online press advertising to achieve your company's campaign objectives. 

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Our publishing expertise goes far beyond traditional newspapers, we also regularly handle:

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How We Plan & Buy Press Campaigns

With our considerable experience within the press-advertising arena, we are committed to embracing new opportunities and ideas. This is why Media Performance is the leading choice to drive your press advertising campaign.

We are happy to provide a free, no obligation detailed strategy based on your objectives.

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