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69% of UK adults aged 18-60 in employment listen to an average of 12.4 hours of commercial radio each week


More than half of these hours consumed are in the car travelling to and from work or within the workplace itself. Which is an ideal time to tell your audience that you're recruiting. 

75% of people in the UK jobs market would be open to a new job, all you need to do is tell them that you're recruiting. 

What better time to change the mind of your potential employee than by reaching them on a Monday morning as they commute to the job that they clearly do not like?

Creating the right commercial is key, and we are very experienced in creating commercials that stand out. We will help you deliver your recruitment message so it will entice job seekers to apply and make a huge difference to the hiring process.

We deliver recruitment campaigns on every station across the UK, so contact us today to learn more about the costs of radio advertising, or speak to our radio recruitment specialists on 0207 856 0272.

Below are just a few examples of the stations we can recruit on. 

Benefits Of Radio Recruitment


Radio is creative, and your recruitment campaign can be used as a moral booster. Convey a professional yet enjoyable atmosphere and show your audience what makes working for you better then anyone else. Promote the image of your brand, showcase the perks of the business and attract professionals that will bring substantial benefit to you.


In terms of response, recruitment campaigns can either influence direct response or in-direct response. 

Direct response is the ideal, a potential candidate could here your advert at the most perfect time which would trigger an impulse to enquire, immediately causing such individuals to type in your website that you just mentioned in your ad.


Equally as effective in the long term is in-direct response. This is where your potential candidate absorbs your message or is alerted by what you have proposed - they would then respond via another medium - they may approach you organically quite a while after the campaign has ended after they have become tired of their job. More so, Radio can amplify your other media and it is proven that radio works best when it is in-tied with either outdoor or online based campaigns. 

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