What next for the media industry? 2016 revealed- John Litster, managing director, Sky Media

The convergence of TV and online is an old story with a new twist. Just like the eagerly anticipated Year of Mobile which never did arrive - while The Decade of Mobile cruises by - the extent of convergence between the two big-hitting media is hard to define precisely, but it is going to have a big impact in 2016.

What is convergence? Using your TV for other AV, watching on demand, catching up on your tablet, streaming live TV on your mobile, subscribing to ad hoc pay TV? Yes to all the above and more.

With television increasingly offering the best of both TV and digital worlds, advertisers are striving for cross-platform integration, impact and effectiveness. The scale, quality and accessibility of data we now have means that understanding multiscreen behaviour and creating truly integrated campaigns is more achievable than ever.

TV advertising's product range has expanded exponentially of late, and we will witness many more advertisers pioneering in these frontier areas. The risks are low and the opportunities are many, so there will be a flurry of 'media firsts' as advertisers emerge smiling from their new experiences with dynamically served ads in On Demand, Sky AdVance, Sky AdSmart and a host of other new offerings beyond - including, dare I say, some of these traded programmatically.

TV in its converged form is relevant to more brands than ever. I can see agencies starting to become less inhibited about what they attempt on TV, with less fear of failure and equally a greater willingness to apply new thinking to new challenges.

We are going to witness a growing divergence in fact, between those who stick to last year's plan (so the one from 1994 in effect then) and those who say, we're smart enough to learn loads from an innovative approach: let's just try it.

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