Boasting Time For Bauer

Bauer Radio Media Group RAJAR

The second quarter of the RAJAR highlights have been released and the BAUER network has over-performed once again.

The BAUER CITY NETWORK reaches 6.7 million listeners in major towns and cities across the UK every week proving to advertisers the true power of advertising on the German media giant.

Commercial radio has posted its highest ever total audience of almost 35.9 million people in Q2 2017.

1.5 million additional adults are now listening via a digital platform, compared to Q2 2016, taking digital reach to 33 million people and for the first time over 60% of the population at 61.2%.

Kisstory is the most popular commercial digital-only stations with a record reach of 1.73 million listeners, with Absolute 80s taking the second spot with a weekly reach of 1.51 million listeners.

Launching and growing exciting and innovative digital radio services that listeners love has kept Bauer ahead of the field again with 60% of their listening now being consumed digitally compared to an industry average of 49%.

BAUER are now home to the top three digital-only commercial stations; KISSTORY with 1.7 million listeners, Absolute 80s with 1.5 million listeners; and Planet Rock, who have had a complete stormer with 1.1million listeners.

Their has been substantial growth across the board ; but we have observed the 3 biggest changes from:

Gem 106 reporting a record high of 518,000 weekly reach – up from 493,000 last quarter and 503,000 last year

•Radio City 2 continues to grow on FM – now at 200,000 weekly listeners from 151,000 this time last year

•Downtown Country is up quarterly from 103,000 to 126,000 on the DAB platform in Northern Ireland

More so;

The brilliant Rickie, Melvin and Charlie are once again the number 1 national commercial breakfast show - for the third consecutive quarter with over 2 million listeners.

Absolute Radio Network grew to 4.3 million listeners.

Magic Radio Network grew to 3.6 million listeners.

•Mellow Magic celebrating a record reach of 518,000 listeners and Magic Soul hitting a record reach of 244,000 listeners.

In conclusion, these RAJAR results have only further proved the continual growth of the BAUER network; advertisers in 2017 need to appreciate the power of modern day Radio Advertising in this digital age.

Contact Media Performance today for a complete roundup of the results from every radio station in the U.K and for any form of radio advertising service that your business may need.

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