How much does radio advertising cost?

How much does radio advertising cost

A common question among advertisers in 2017 is how much does radio advertising cost?

Prices can start from as little as £100 and stretch all the way up to £100 million+. However it's almost impossible to have one price fits all for radio advertising as there are so many varying factors, but recognising these factors are will help you understand the cost of radio advertising.

Below are some important factors that impact the cost of radio advertising.


  • The biggest focal points for an advertiser is the stations total number of listeners, and rightly so. The more people you are reaching, the cost to advertise will of course follow. Some national stations can reach over 7 million people per week - putting them on a similar scale to that of TV advertising.


  • The second factor to consider is the region of the station. Again a national station may face you with huge costs, so a regional test location is always a strong practice if you really want to trail radio advertising.


  • The times in which your advert will play also has a considerable impact. A popular drive time spot will reach a lot more people than a spot at 10pm, and the cost is adjusted appropriately. However it's important to remember that Media Performance will always help our clients match airtime against the times their audience is listening.


  • Radio production can also impact the price of radio advertising, if you want a conversational commercial which includes several different voice artists then this can be significantly more expensive than a simple single voice commercial. Read more about our radio production here to learn more.


  • It is important to understand that radio is a frequency medium, and it is important to deliver your commercial to your audience several times in order for them to take onboard your message and your bran

  • The opportunity to hear or OTH plays a part in the cost of radio advertising. It is the terminology used to show the frequency of which your audience will here your ad. In context, a station may reach 100,000 people, the OTH may be 3.0 meaning that the average listener will have heard your advert 3 times. The price of course will increase as the more you impact your audience, however at Media Performance we are experts at getting the frequency right for our clients and delivering exceptionally strong campaigns.log

Media Performance has 65 years of combined experience advertising on the radio. Through using our service we can ensure that we will launch the most effective campaign, with the strongest commercial possible. We have worked on million pound radio campaigns and local radio adverts for local businesses. The average return on investment for a successful radio campaign is £8 for every £1 spent. Contact Media Performance today and let us show you the true cost and return of radio advertising.

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