Chris Evans Takes Over Virgin Radio Breakfast Show

"Normality has resumed" Is the quote of the day as fans across the U.K. welcome Chris Evans back to radio, debuting his new breakfast show after leaving BBC Radio 2 in December 2018.

Evans, who fronted Radio 2’s breakfast show for nine years launched his new programme on Monday morning with the words: “I say, this is very exciting.”

“It’s so great to be back on Virgin Radio and I have to say it’s a real treat, we are blessed, we couldn’t be more grateful,” continued Evans, who last hosted a breakfast show on Virgin (now Absolute Radio) back in 2001, prior to his well publicised dismissal.

He added that there had been speculation over what his first song would be, before introducing former The Verve frontman Richard Ashcroft, who sang Lucky Man live in the studio.

“I press buttons, I don’t play songs, musicians play songs,” Evans said. “Why don’t we get a musician to play a song live, how about Richard Ashcroft?”

And it proved to be a good choice as far as listeners were concerned.

All in all, his return has delighted fans and it is set to bring huge benefit to Virgin Radio.

Currently the station reaches just under half a million people throughout the U.K. each week according to the latest RAJAR listenership figures, making it one of the smallest national commercial brands in the U.K. However, it is speculated that Chris Evans joining the show is set to double the stations audience figures.

We are hopeful that as times progress, Virgin Radio will continue to grow and get figures up there with the massive brands like Heart, Capital and Kiss.

From an advertisers perspective, securing a strong relationship with Virgin Radio early doors will provide exponential opportunity for growth, long term bookings, renewed deals all whilst the station is becoming ever more popular will see that you are reaching more people for your budget, ultimately reducing your CPT considerably.

We work closely with the Wireless Group (parent company of virgin) and due to our companies buying power, we get market leading spot rates which we ultimately pass on to our clients.

To find out more about advertising on Virgin Radio, check out our Virgin Radio webpage and contact us today.

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