Everything you need to know about Tik-Tok advertising

The digital marketing landscape is constantly evolving, with the introduction of new media channels & different strategies aligned with this, there’s so much potential in reaching new users. Tik-Tok, being the most recent and newest form of social media is rapidly growing. With already over 680 million users in the space of 2 years, Tik-Tok is looking to take over. So, what do we as advertisers do to ensure we can utilise this platform to its full potential to reach even more users?

Since Facebook have recently announced that marketers aren’t able to target users under 18 based on interest, this may sway many digital marketers to look down the route of Tik-Tok to ensure that brands & businesses can still reach users of that age demographic. This provides another gateway to reach users we can’t reach on platforms we use so often. So, to integrate Tik-Tok into your media buying strategy could really see an uplift in overall performance for your campaign.

How does Tik-Tok advertising integrate with influencer marketing?

Tik-Tok is a recently introduced platform which is powered through creators and influencers engaging a large proportion of users. Many people have used Tik-Tok as a gateway to open a path for a more lucrative career in working with well renowned and global brands. This gives opportunities for both parties to integrate and join allegiance to reshape the world of digital marketing and reach the future generation.

Influencer marketing is a new technique which has been adopted by many brands to reach a personal level with gen z users. Brands have started to adopt this change and are now using influencers to be the face of their brand in the hope of reaching a wider audience pool. This technique is relatively new yet very effective in building personal relationships with users.

This calls for the rise in influencer marketing which happens to be the newest trend in the digital marketing world. Many brands will start to adopt this idea and the technique itself brings considerable number of benefits.

How do brands effectively use Tik-Tok as part of their marketing strategy?

With Tik-Tok being a new platform, which has taken the interests of many advertisers by storm, most brands aren’t sure where to start. First and foremost, Tik-Tok has created opportunities for many brands out there to reach a new and highly engaged audience.

The first place to start would be to leverage the use of influencers to gain a competitive advantage and reach a new pool of users on the platform you wouldn’t have thought would interact with your brand.

Once you start to build traction, it’s about using this to your advantage and build a community of users. The sooner you start, the more of an advantage you could have over your competitors. Once you build your presence on the platform, it’s about connecting with users and maintaining relationships whilst doing so.

Hashtags are also a big hit within the world of Tik-Tok. To ensure your presence is felt as a brand, you may want to leverage using trendy hashtags which will allow your brand or content to appear on users’ feeds. One to two trending hashtags as well as two to three hashtags in your niche will help brands as a starting point to see some initial success.

Tik-Tok may not be within the scope of every brand’s marketing goal. It is worth integrating this platform as an extra touchpoint for your media planning and buying. If you are looking to venture into this space, the advice above can set the stage for success.

Contact us for help to strategise your Tik-Tok media planning and buying to make full use of your investment and see a profitable return.

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