The changing Eco-system of measurement tagging

The complexity of measurement tagging seems to have increased now more than ever. With a range of different factors affecting marketers today, from regulation and technology changes to evolving customers’ expectations and behaviours, it’s relatively easy for marketers to get themselves stuck in a loop with no clear-cut answers.

Firstly, lets discuss how the eco-system has changed these past few years and continues to change every day. The rising user expectations around data privacy have resulted in additional industry regulations and browser restrictions. This has fundamentally changed the way the eco system measures conversions which in all honesty shows that preparation is key for a successful digital strategy in the future.

Also, to take into consideration how the customer journey has become more difficult than ever to measure. Successful online measurement has been heavily reliant on cookies, but with a cookieless future as well as strict guidelines for data collection, platforms like Facebook & Google are now preparing to provide more transparent and open dialogues to communicate the customer journey for advertisers to gain insights from.

How to strengthen digital measurement infrastructure?

There are many marketable techniques that people use to try and enhance their ability to measure key metrics and strengthen their digital measurement infrastructure. It boils down to three key points as mentioned in the figure below:

To ensure you have robust tagging in place is crucial. You can only control what you have access to, so tracking what you can through the customer journey is the first step to strengthening your digital measurement infrastructure.

As a corporate entity, you must ensure you invest in first party data. First party data is highly accurate, quality rich & more durable than third party data. It also provides marketers with unique information about their customers which could lead to better understanding and accurate ways to reach out with personalised messages, essentially enhancing the quality of campaigns and has a significant increase to brand impact.

Ensure you respect user’s choices by collecting consent as needed in regulated markets by having compliant consent banners. These 3 steps will help to strengthen your digital measurement infrastructure.

Despite having robust tagging information in place, there could still be gaps in the customer journey. The reliance of cookies has made our lives easy thus far, but now as advertisers, the future holds a heavier reliance on modelling techniques.

The heavy reliance on conversion modelling

You may be asking yourself, what is a conversion model. Well in simple terms, a conversion model is the use of machine learning to assess the impact of marketing efforts when a subset of conversions can’t be directly linked to ad interactions.

Conversion measurement is only going to become more difficult to assess as cookies become less visible, If no modelling techniques are employed, the attribution issue will result in gaps in the customer journey, preventing you from completely comprehending your customers’ conversion paths. Observable data can feed algorithms that use previous trends to securely confirm and inform measurement once a modelling framework is in place.

We are currently in the midst of a measurement evolution, and global ecosystem changes are challenging marketers to be forward thinking and privacy focused. Conversion modelling enables accurate measurement and unlocks a full privacy centric picture of customer behaviour, ensuring that performance doesn’t suffer just because direct measurement isn’t possible. This explains why the heavy reliance of modelling techniques are becoming ever more prevalent.

We at Media Performance have a strong focus to ensure our clients can stay ahead of the curve. We integrate various techniques to ensure that measurement is possible, regardless of which route you decide to pursue. We understand the importance of measurement to ensure accurate planning & delivery of successful campaigns with high return on investment. Get in touch with us if you want to plan some advertising activity and we can help you today!

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