The Complete Guide to Mother’s Day Marketing

Mother’s Day is a time for rejoice, a time to celebrate & appreciate our beloved Mothers whose sacrifice knows no bounds. But what does this mean for big brands? In simple terms, it’s an opportunity to launch relevant and engaging content to Mother’s Day shoppers.

We are expected to see an 8.9% increase in Mother’s Day spend from 2019 – 2021 (£1.23m – £1.34m) in the UK, showing there to be an ever-increasing demand for gifts/item of monetary value now more than ever. With the uncertainty of the pandemic, we’ve seen many sentimental days pass us by without an ability to celebrate due to restrictions, but slowly we are seeing a rise in consumer spend for the days that matter the most, so will you take advantage?

Mother’s Day Trends

Media Performance have pulled together some campaign data from 2021 to see users shopping habits/buying behaviour prior to Mother’s Day. It was an interesting find as the image below gives a bit more context as to what type of things people plan & buy.

Mid-February is when people start to set out searches regarding Mother’s Day whilst we see a peak 2 week prior. Majority of people search for Gifts & Cards in the first 2 weeks of March whilst we also see a slight uplift in the same search 2 or 3 days after Mother’s Day which presumably people have forgotten about Mother’s Day and want to make up for it.

What do people gifting tend to buy their mother’s?

69% of all gifts bought on Mother’s Day are flowers, showing just how much the floral industry could benefit from this major purchasing holiday. To break this down further, 57% of daughters are likely to gift their mothers’ flowers compared to 73% of sons. This gives us a clear idea on how crucial tailoring our strategic marketing to backed up data really is.

The image above gives us an indication of the types of things Sons & Daughters are most likely to gift their mothers. With the floral industry sitting right at the top whilst travel and tourism not so popular, where do you sit within this?

43% of users look to buy a unique or a different gift whilst 41% of users look to buy a memorable or sentimental gift. This gives us more of an insight into the mind of gifters and what strategy to best implement for Mother’s Day.

How can Media Performance help your brand?

Pre campaign, we will implement search sync which enables us to optimize the campaign in real time according to user intent. Mid campaign, we will implement sales sync which uses revenue data to sync the delivery of the campaign based on client sales. Automatically, we’re able to scale up the delivery when sales are high and scale down the delivery in low performing moments. This essentially helps you to generate more revenue.

Post campaign, we would measure performance and implement our tools and measure the output across DSP’s to analyse the campaign performance for Mother’s Day.

We may be in the wake of a pandemic, but people still always want to celebrate their mums. We at Media Performance could help you reach the right audience and speak to relevant people by utilising trends and data backed best practices to fuel your Mother’s Day campaigns. This way you could be sure you’re reaching target audiences with the most strategised click worthy approach – in honour of mum.

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