The Rise of Streaming, SVOD & AVOD

With Sky and Virgin Media forecasted to lose one-sixth of their combined subscriber base over the next five years throughout Western Europe, the popularity of streaming services becomes an ever increasing thought for advertisers. A 2022 study found that 83% of respondents utilised Netflix, 63% Amazon Prime & 51% used YouTube. So, with streaming becoming the ever more popular option for content consumers, how can advertisers utilise this?

Firstly, what is the difference between SVOD & AVOD? Boyarsky (2021) highlights the difference as SVOD being Subscription Video-On-Demand, which is a recurring fee for undisrupted video content (i.e. Netflix) while AVOD is Advertising-based video on demand, when content is streamed for free but viewers must watch ads in order to watch the content. Examples of this include 4OD & YouTube.

In order to reach people on their TV’s, where they can bounce from AVOD to AVOD or even to a hybrid AVOD/SVOD, in which subscriptions are cheaper in return for watching the ads, without any constraint, agencies and media buyers need to get in front of target audiences. By advertising on AVOD, you can utilise programmatic advertising to ensure you purchase the ad that will reach the desired audience and get direct access to relevant demographics and targeting types, through hyper targeting.

Thanks to modern technology, we are able to stream on a wide range of devices, from tablets to laptops & TV’s. These devices all have different benefits and drawbacks, such as the mobility of the devices in question or its size. Whereas TV’s might be the largest device in a house, meaning viewing impact is bigger, it in turn makes it less mobile, limiting it to one area compared to the more mobile tablet or handheld device. This means being able to hit a consumer on multiple devices is a key facet of streaming.

With 83% of consumers in the UK willing to watch ad’s in order to gain access to free streaming content and 19% watching ads fully when streaming, the ability to hit consumers on specific shows and get them to resonate with or view your brand differently is now more important and viable as marketing option then ever before. Here at Media Performance, we can help you plan your next TV campaign and showcase your brand, just get in touch.

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