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Heart is one of the most popular commercial radio brands in the UK. 9 million listeners tune in to Heart radio each week.

The listeners are from a variety of backgrounds, including wives, husbands, parents and professionals. They’re the kind of people who squeeze the most out of life, make time for themselves, and enjoy going out, shopping, having fun and spending time with their friends and family. And that’s what makes Heart THE commercial radio station that gets advertisers’ hearts racing. Fast. Listeners connect with Heart because it stays in tune with their needs and emotions all day, every day.

The average listener age for Heart is a 42. Below is the Heart Network age profile split:

Heart Network Age Profile

Heart is the most popular Radio brand in the U.K in 2017. 9 million listeners now tune in to Heart each week when previously the figure sat at just over 8.

The Heart network is the pinnacle of the British audience and 41% of these are aged between 25-44, which truly shows that Heart is the ultimate network to reach Britain on.

Heart listeners are media savvy, in-trend, family and material occupied ensuring that they are out-going happy individuals.

Heart presenters develop long lasting relationships with there audiences, therefore audiences trust the medium when supplying news, sport, weather, and specifically celebrities and music. This is a key reason as to why some of the biggest brands in the UK advertise on Heart radio.

Heart Radio plays an emotional role on a listeners life, people listen to Heart whilst driving to work, doing household chores, getting changed to go out or when traveling to their getaways. As you can imagine the listeners mood can change considerably during these moments and advertisers need to be aware of the psychological elements that play apart in the Heart audience.

Below is a map that shows all the stations across the Heart Network has - each and every one is unique in their own way and Media Performance can grant you unprecedented access to each and every audience in each and every location.

Coverage of heart fm radio across the UK

If you would like more information about advertising on Heart radio please visit our page dedicated to Heart radio advertising.

Get in touch with Media Performance today to discuss how Heart radio advertising can achieve results for your business. Visit our contact us page, or call one of our radio advertising specialists on 0207 856 0272.

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