Why Advertise On LBC? - The Benefits

LBC 97.3 is Leading Britain’s Conversation, initially changed from London’s Biggest Conversation back in 2014.

LBC reaches more than 1.5 million listeners every week through the London Transmitter and digital radios (DAB) throughout the U.K.

The station provides 24/7 interaction with their listeners - evoking honest, edgy yet moving open debate conversations throughout the U.K. every second.

LBC is aimed at upmarket, mature, intelligent consumers. This allows advertisers to take advantage of this high networking audience with an intelligent yet creative message. Media Performance has had over 10 years experience in delivering commercials through LBC so we know exactly how to speak to this desirable audience.

The target age for LBC is 35 - 54 creating a huge scope of professional working people throughout the U.K.

They are ABC1's who are at a stage in their life where they are interested in more than just music. They’re settling down, they have a mortgage, their getting married, having children and interested in real life.

The average LBC listener tunes in on average for nearly 10 hours every week which stands at a much higher rate then many standard commercial radio stations - demonstrating the audiences true loyalty to the brand.

The LBC audience is seen as ‘highly sociable individuals’ with ‘lives full of conversation.’ These really are the people to promulgate with your commercial.

To find out more information and how to advertise on LBC

Contact Media Performance Today.

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