Why Having an Omnichannel Marketing Strategy is Essential to Achieving Your Business Objectives

The term "omnichannel" marketing has long been prevalent since the digital era of advertising began. However, this isn't one of those typically over-complicated and meaningless jargon terns that marketers throw around to seem more intelligent than they actually are....

Omnichannel marketing is all about addressing your customers and their needs across a variety of channels. Adding touchpoints to your marketing plan, and in essence, driving enough high cut through media to deliver your core business objectives. Whether that is awareness, intent, sales, recognition, retention or in some cases, all the above.

To do this, you need to create a seamless customer experience across your chosen media channels, encouraging engagement, and boosting awareness of your brand. For this to work however, we need an understanding of which media channels will work best for you...and at what point. This is brilliantly illustrated by Smartinsights on the customer interaction chart below.

For example, podcast advertising may not be fit for purpose if you're not trying to tell a story with your campaign messaging, and it requires more of a visual approach or vice versa.

The benefits of omnichannel marketing:

Data insight

  • This gives your business a robust holistic view to analyse your campaigns, seeing what works, what hasn't and what to do next.


  • Omnichannel campaigns require several media channels, however, they are proven to be more cost-effective as your campaign is more fluid and multi-faceted, which drives home your objectives more rather than dumping a lump sum on one channel.

Drives strong awareness and brand recall

  • Whilst having a large-scale TV campaign will get your brand noticed and spoken about, it's important that you have all ends of the conversion funnel covered. starting with the wider scale awareness afforded by TV, radio, programmatic and display. Then driving consideration with paid social channels, and finally encouraging action with direct channels such as PPC.

Whilst many consider multichannel and omnichannel campaigns to be the same concept, they are in fact only based around the same ideology of reaching consumers across multiple channels. Where multichannel orientates itself around specific channels and how to utilise each one, omnichannel takes into consideration the customer journey, and how this translates over multiple media channels, creating one rounded experience for the consumer whilst they move between them. every time the user interacts with your ad along your omnichannel path, this is classed as a touchpoint with your brand.

Running an omnichannel marketing campaign however, is not easy. there are a lot of moving parts and it's important you understand your audience ad how each media channel affects the performance of others. Having specialists in this field is essential, and at Media Performance we make sure all our team is up to date on relevant market information, training on essential platforms and an understanding of how to buy paid media effectively. To find out more on omnichannel marketing and to run your own campaign, please get in touch today.

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