Sky AdSmart Advertising

Sky Adsmart is a new, exciting approach to TV advertising, allowing businesses, no matter their size, to create diverse TV campaigns which are affordable AND deliver results.

Via Sky Adsmart you can target down to postcode level, talking only to very specific audiences; those looking to move house or those who have bought self tanning lotion in the last 6 months. There are over 1,200 different targeting options. 


75% of all Sky Adsmart advertisers are new to TV,  proving the accessibility Sky Adsmart has given to TV advertising.


After extensive research into Sky Adsmart’s campaigns we have seen a 35% increase in ad engagement, 13% improvement in emotional response to brands and most importantly, a 20% increase in purchases for new to television brands.


Results, Sky Adsmart has achieved through its in-depth geographical and household targeting.  


A wide range of businesses use Sky Adsmart and have seen considerable improvements in results, such as:

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We can control the frequency of your campaign to deliver exactly how many times your advert needs to be seen to achieve your results; whether that’s footfall, online sales or brand awareness.


The average consumer sees over 5,000 ad messages daily, of which TV adverts are in excess of 40 a day. With Sky Adsmart we can cut through the noise using addressable, targeted TV ads, that the viewer wants to see.


Whether you are new to TV, or just new to Sky Adsmart, Media Performance can help you simply navigate the process from identifying your audience to creating the perfect ad.


TV can seem out of reach for those without experience or large budgets, but that’s where we come in, as TV experts we can help, with proven results.

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How We Advertise On Sky AdSmart 

We produce high quality TV commercials for exceptional value and we also plan and buy the campaign at a remarkably low cost, so that you can take advantage of this high impact medium. This is why all of our clients appoint us to handle every aspect of their TV campaigns.

We are the only contact you need to have direct access to the entire scope of Sky AdSmart. We streamline the whole process utilising our innovative and unique planning tools that simplify the process and make it much faster, getting your campaign live in no time at all.

Our specialist TV commercial production team can ensure we get the right message to your customer every time. We take away all the stress of producing and planning TV campaigns by providing our advertisers with the options they need, all in one place. We offer the complete service, from your initial brief through to delivering your ads to your audience, taking care of everything along the way.

Contact Media Performance today about advertising on Sky AdSmart to see how our specialist TV team can save you time, money and stress, whilst achieving substantial brand awareness and sales for your business.

We are happy to provide a free, no obligation detailed strategy based on your objectives.

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