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Smooth Advertising FAQ's


How much does it cost to advertise on Smooth? 


Advertising campaigns are always bespoke to our client’s goals and we have ran campaigns on Smooth from £2000 - £100,000. It is all dependent on the size of the station's audience. Advertising on Smooth North West, their largest transmitter, typically costs £5,000 - £9,000 p/w for a medium weight campaign because you are broadcasting to around 1 million people. Advertising on the smallest regional station where the audience figures are <200,000, can start from £2000. 


Does this include the cost for radio commercial production? If not how much is this and how does this work? 


These costs are solely for airtime and do not include radio commercial production. We can streamline the full scope of building you an advert and you can read more about our offerings here.


The starting price for a single voiced commercial through Media Performance is £275, prices can range all the way up to £5000 dependent on the complexity of the advert. Also, we have to charge more if our advert is to be featured on a national transmitter. 


How long is the advert, Does a longer advert cost more? 


All the above costs are based on running a 30 second commercial, this is the industry standard and we often recommend advertisers proceed with this time-length to convey an effective message. However, you can advertise for 10, 20, 30, 40 or 60 seconds on the radio. As a general rule of thumb, 60 seconds would add about 80% onto our total investment whereas 10 seconds would decrease our total investment by around 50%. For a more accurate quotation contact one of our experts today. 


What do you need from my business to build a bespoke plan?


For us to build you a bespoke plan, there are a few key things we need to learn from you to get to work.  


What station(s) would you like to advertise on? 


When would you want to commence this activity, and how long for? 


Who are we targeting? 


What is the goal(s) of the campaign? 


Do you have a budget we can plan to? 

It speeds up our process a lot if we can gather this information from you when enquiring on our website. 

Finally, how do competitions, sponsorships etc. work? What are some of the creative things I can do on the radio? 


These are always bespoke to our clients and often require higher budgets than traditional airtime. We have done some amazing creative campaigns on the radio here at Media Performance. We’ve run text to win competitions, in-app competitions, numerous sponsorship packages as well as dynamic creative adverts. 


To find out more about some of the creative things we can do on the radio and to hear about some of our success stories contact us today.

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