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The UK National Rail Network provides the opportunity to access the upmarket, affluent rail audience. We offer many geo-targeting options, from national campaigns, to specific train stations you wish to reach.

Due to the nature of rail travel, there is higher dwell time than other transport methods from 7 - 13 minutes, giving the user plenty of time to digest and act upon your advertising message. Around 63% of rail passengers are using the network for business or commuting, this delivers repetitive, habitual travel patterns and audience spikes for morning commuters and evening commute times.

There is a wide range of formats available, from traditional static sheets to high-quality broadcast formats from 4 to 48 sheets, along with the potential for large digital displays in the train stations.

In total there are nine tram networks throughout the UK, in a wide variety of locations. These locations give you an inner-city and urban market to target affluent potential customer across the UK or in a city of your choosing.

Don’t be fooled however, outdoor advertising and tram advertising is not just for global brands, these work perfectly for small and medium-sized businesses, and of course those within the geographical range of whichever tram system you choose.

Trams are a very cost-effective marketing channel as it is still incredibly under-utilised by most brands, which makes it very competitive compared to other more traditional and mainstream marketing methods. This works in your favour however, as no you have a low access point into a mass marketing channel at a sensible budget level, which gives you a plethora of opportunity to be creative with your messaging and design.

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How We Plan And Buy Tram and Rail Campaigns

We will work closely with you to construct a rail advertising campaign that will best achieve your brief’s objectives, achieving maximum ROI.

Our expertise and commitment to the poster advertising space has secured us preferential rates and insider knowledge. Our devoted relationship with not only the media suppliers, but the printers too, allows us to provide our clients with the most cost-effective rail campaign possible.

Our commitment to outdoor media keeps us in the loop with all of the media owners, which grants us direct access to all new advertising opportunities that arise, giving you the chance to keep your brand fresh and innovative.

Attempting to take on the rail advertising market can be extremely time-consuming. At Media Performance, we streamline the whole process - utilising our specialist planning tools we ensure you are supplied with an effective and strategic advertising campaign that is designed and tailored to your objectives, on time and on budget.

We are happy to provide a free, no-obligation detailed strategy based on your objectives.

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